How Eco-made Steam Warming Eye Mask Works

For centuries, the eyes have been known as the ‘windows to the soul’.
However, current age, the pressures of modern life have taken its toll on our eyes. In between traveling, technology, reading, working long hours, sleeping too few hours, and driving long hours, our fast-paced lifestyle does not always give us the time to care our eyes, we need to care for our eyes and often relax eyes.

Eco-made Steam Warming Eye Mask uses the patent of hole heat , and the Micro-steamTechnology that soothes tired eyes without the Pressure on eyeballs,and fits into the modern schedule working in 10-30 minutes .

The Status and Signs of Tired Eyes
Tired eyes can express themselves in many ways. May feel heavy and strained; you may notice that you’re rubbing them more than usual.
The skin around our eyes can also exhibit signs of tiredness by becoming dull or puffy.
If you are noticing any of these signs and status, then the chances are your eyes have been working long hours and are in need of a reawakening.

Using Steam Warming Eye Mask to Enjoy The Release of Micro-Steam Really
The new Steam Warming Eye Mask soothes the eyes by unlocking a gentle Micro-steam technology that works in10-30 minutes while you switch off from the outside world. There are many ways to relax your eyes, maybe close your eyes, listen to music, and maybe overlooking. The Steam warming eye mask is also good ideal for use on long trips on trains and airplanes.

Remove the eye mask from its foil package. The steam warming eye mask is self-heating and warms up in just 3-5 minutes.
Place the mask comfortably over the eyes with the blue side facing outwards, and the straps fitted securely over the ears.
Now it’s time to unwind while your eyes reach the 9 Cloud .
The mask will reach its maximum temperature, 38.5 C, after 10 minutes, unlocking a gentle warming steamƚ that relaxes and relieves the eyes.
Steam Warming Eye Mask is effective in 30 minutes.
However, the mask can be worn for up to 40 minutes for a little extra TLC, and also canbe sleep eye mask when you forget to remove before you sleeping.
When the time is up, remove the mask. Your eyes should feel re-energised.

Benefits and Advantages of Using Steam eye mask
Unlike other eye masks, the Steam Warming Eye Mask is not only designed for sleeping, but mian for a revitalised feeling that can be used to wind down before bed.
The masks are individually packaged by foil bag and can be discreetly stored in your handbag or hand luggage while travelling.
The masks are disposable after one use, with no need to be kept in the fridge or warmed up before use.
The Steam Warming Eye Mask also comes in 6 flavor scent to unlock the perfect relaxing aroma as you wind down.
In the Technology age, most of us are guilty of spending long hours staring at a computer or mobile phone screens.
We work and travel longer hours and get fewer hours sleep than generations before us. All of these factors can leave our eyes in need of some revitalising.
When you work overtime, so too do your eyes and it’s important to help them relax to keep them looking and feeling re-energised.
The Steam Warming Eye Mask will be the best companion on your next long commute or before you go to bed.
The development of electronic technology has brought eye damage, Eye care products will be more hot in the eye market
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Eyes require high levels of hygiene,Disposable steam warming eye mask using medical grade nonwovens, natural ingredients, no harm to the eyes
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