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For OEM manufacturers who focus on steam hot eye masks, "product development" has always been the top priority in the development of steam hot eye mask processing and OEM. The development of steam hot eye mask processing products is the most important factor in determining the quality and positioning of cosmetics. So, what factors need to be taken into account for the positioning of steam hot eye mask processing product development?

Today, I will discuss with you the positioning problem of eye mask processing manufacturers' product development, mainly considering three aspects: emotional positioning, interest positioning and concept positioning.
First, emotional positioning of hot eye mask processing product development

The most common use of steam eye mask OEM products is emotional positioning. Why? Because the main consumer groups in the fashion industry are female consumers, they are naturally sensitive and emotionally rich. In other words, they are people who are more emotional than rational. Therefore, we are developing a purely effective product, such as a flashlight, its positioning should be rational positioning, how to save more power, how to be brighter, this has nothing to do with feelings.

However, in addition to its own efficacy, the steam hot eye mask has the function of maintenance. It is reflected in the curing effect, so the thermal mask must communicate with female consumers through emotional positioning. The most common method is to shape the brand story, as well as some lyrical words, beautiful packaging, and a good skin feel. After all, most steam hot eye masks are not the kind of immediate effect products, they must be used by consumers to reflect the effect, and emotional positioning can not be underestimated.

Second, the interest positioning of steam eye mask OEM product development

The positioning of interests should actually be the basis of steam hot eye mask products. As a cosmetic, it is not simply for viewing, so it is just a good-looking appearance. It is not enough to have a feminine atmosphere. It must have a basic effect. Eliminating the crow's feet and dark circles is a must, and the effect of relieving fatigue is also essential. So if you find these effects in the development of eye mask processing products, then you will be boldly positioned as a new star in the eye protection industry, and even can be regarded as a fashion brand, which has been confirmed by the Cond eye mask processing factory. Effective.

Third, the concept positioning of hot eye mask OEM product development
Conceptual positioning is also a common positioning method used in the development of thermal eye mask OEM products. The so-called concept positioning is to give the product a special concept to distinguish it from the same competitive product. For example, essential oil-added eye masks, functional steam eye masks, and steam eye masks for imported olive oil are all classic examples of successful concepts.

From the positioning of steam hot eye mask processing OEM product development, eye mask processing can be described as a stylist who competes in the market, not only to ensure the excellent quality of thermal eye mask OEM products, but also to innovate.
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