Steam heated warming eye mask continue to grow at a rapid rate. Will reach a big market size around the world.
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The market positioning of Steam eye mask OEM customized
Customized steam heated eye mask, it is particularly important to choose a good factory
Steam heated warming eye mask continue to grow at a rapid rate. Will reach a big market size around the world.

Steam eye mask, also known as steam hot compress eye mask, is an item often used in foreign medical, cosmetic, eye care and other industries. The steam eye mask is actually a kind of advanced self-heating temperature control technology, which allows the moisture in the air and metal powder to reach the heating body inside the eye mask, generating subtle and warm steam that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Compared with ordinary eye masks, it can produce steam, so it is called a steam eye mask, which is a new type of eye mask mainly for eye protection. It releases steam evenly through high-grade medical non-woven fabrics, uses steam to generate warmth of about 41 degrees to promote blood microcirculation in the eye, and continuously heats the steam for 15-20 minutes at about 41 degrees to achieve full relief of the eye Fatigue, relax tense eye muscles, eliminate eye fatigue and discomfort, and achieve various effects such as pampering eye skin, protecting eyesight, and helping sleep.
At present, the steam eye masks in the domestic market are mainly dominated by powder bag type and Pong thin type and Ping cottage brand products, commonly known as the first generation products. The first generation of products is actually using the traditional "Nuanbao stickers" technology. The production materials and heating principles are basically our common "warm treasure stickers" for other parts of the body except the eyes. Most manufacturers only reduce it to a size suitable for eye wear and turn it into an eye. Care products. This type of product basically has no effective temperature control measures, the arbitrariness of fever is large, and the temperature difference varies greatly. If there is no mature production process, it is easy to cause slipping powder and powder leakage, which may cause hidden safety hazards to the eyes and pupils.
The second-generation steam eye mask products use the second-generation sheet-type self-heating body technology. The second-generation sheet-type steam eye mask, as the name implies, is to press the heating system into a sheet shape and embed the temperature control material into the steam eye mask to effectively cover the eye. The temperature and duration of the steam eye mask of the second-generation sheet-type self-heating body are controllable, and due to the shape of the sheet, it is impossible to cause slipping and leakage common in the powder bag type and the nearby sheet-type steam eye mask during use. Powder, large temperature difference, etc. can damage the skin of the eyes, and even if the second-generation thin-film steam eye mask is destroyed by external force, the built-in heating element will not cause any harm to the human body, so the second-generation thin-film steam eye mask is safe to use Higher performance. At present, mainstream brands are using second-generation technology.
According to the "Market Depth Survey and Investment Forecast Forecast Analysis Report for the Steam Eyewear Industry 2019-2024" released by the Synopsis Industrial Research Center, the steam eyewear originated in Japan and appeared in the Chinese market after 2013, of which Kao is the steam eyewear Representative, although Kao ’s steam eye masks ’inbound consumer demand in 2017 decreased year-on-year in 2016, sales of steam eye masks have steadily increased due to the development of new customers in Japan. Benefiting from the growth in sales in Japan and Asia, the steam eye mask revenue reached 2.317 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 760 million yuan year-on-year. The electronic sleep aid eye mask appeared around 2015, which is an improvement of the traditional steam eye mask. At present, the steam eye mask is still the main market in China. In 2018, China's steam eye mask sales reached 665 million. There are many market brands, and the main brands are Kao and Cherish. , Yunnan Baiyao, etc., the market TOP3 accounted for 43.7% of the market share.
Researchers in the Synopsis industry believe that in recent years, due to the popularity of computers and smartphones, eye discomfort due to excessive eye use, such as dry eyes and eye fatigue, has rapidly increased, and the market has a strong demand for such products. . Taking Zhenming as an example, the company's steam eye mask revenue in 2018 doubled from 2017, and revenue was close to 320 million yuan. The entire market is in a rapid growth trend. It is expected that the domestic steam eye mask market will reach 3.62 billion in 2023.

With the outbreak of the Chinese market, it will drive global consumption growth. European leading brands SPACEMASKS, OPTREX EYE MASK, will quickly occupy all European markets, while North America has been short of several major influential brands, who can quickly occupy the market, We will wait and see.

As the earliest steam eye mask factory in 2013, we have provided oem services to more than 20 brands around the world from the beginning to now, and the products have been continuously improved and upgraded. As a disposable eye mask, steam eye masks have won the favor of consumers. Global strong brands are welcome to cooperate with us.
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