Oem Usb Warming Eye Mask

Accept all design to oem any style of USB steam eye mask

elc-usb eye mask

Specifications of Usb steam eye mask

1.eye mask heating
2.lavender dry particles
3.Hot compress effects
4.Far Infrared Health Care

Long-lasting herbal lavender steam eye mask
Product Features
1. Organic Herbal lavender: Included natural quality lavender dry particles, fresh and elegant aroma of lavender, can alleviate eye fatigue, improve sleep quality, suited for computer users.
2. Hot compress soothing effects: Comfortable warming, promote blood circulation of eyes, effectively alleviate dark circles and eyebags and wrinkles, improve eye dryness, eye acid swells, At the same time the release of herbal internal water vapor, moist eyes.
3. High quality material: the cover and the inner are made from 100% cotton, soft, natural , non-irritating, environmental protection design (reusable).
4. Far Infrared Health Care: The products passed the National Far-Infrared Certification, release far infrared, accelerated eye microcirculation.
5. Washable design: Zipped structure. When cleaning, remove the inner out and clean the cover by hand with warm water below 40°C
6. Power-saving material: Internationally recognized carbon fiber heating material, efficient heat conversion rate, soft and light, waterproof and tear-resistant, 50 years lifetime
7. Professional certifications: the Naional Far Infrared Certification, CE & ROHS Certification, export quality.

Product description
1. Product material: Outer cover 100% cotton, the inner 100% cotton,lavender buds dry particles, carbon fiber heating group.
2. Product size: 195*105mm
3. Heating temperature: 35-50°C(room temperature: 20°C)
4. Product weight: 95 g
5. Product power: 5V(USB)

* How to use ?
Put the USB charge cable connect with the computer, wear the eye mask, make the heating material side close the eyes, the temperature reaches to 38-45 degrees after 10 minutes, usually use 15-20 minutes.
details of usb steam eye mask