Neck & Shoulder Warmer pad

Neck & Shoulder Warmer Patch

Accept all design to oem any style of Neck & Shoulder Warmer Patch


Product Description

1.Material: A. two sides non-woven fabrics; (Directly on Skin)
B. one side non-woven fabrics, one side with adhesive.(Stick on Underwear)
2.Size: 90mm * 290mm
3.Color: White
4. Air-Activated
5. average temperature:45 °C
6. peak temperature: 50 °C
7. heating time: 8 hours

Iron powder, Salt, Activated Carbon, Water, Sodium Polyacrylate, Wood powder, Vermiculite

Open the outer package and expose the pack to air.
Sticking warmer on your clothes underwear or body straightly.
Waiting for 5 minutes, the temperature will be higher than 45 °C and last for 8hours.
Dispose of used pouch with regular garbage, it’s natural ingredients are environmentally safe.

It can Relaxes Tight Muscles of your Shoulder , Neck, thigh and Wrist., Deep Penetrating Heat, Long Lasting Pain Relife.

This Warmer has two types:
1. Directly on Skin
2. Stick on Underwear

*Please tell us your Warmer Application, we will recommend the temperature for you.