Menstrual cramps Heat Patch

Menstrual cramps Heat Patch/ Uterus Warmer Patch

Accept all design to oem any style of Menstrual cramps Heat Patch/ Uterus Warmer Patch


Product Description

1. Material: One side non-woven fabrics, one side with adhesive.
2. Size: 100mm * 133mm
3. Color: White
4. Air-Activated
5. Average temperature:40~45 °C , Peak temperature: 50 °C
6. Heating time: 12 hours
7. Weight:43g±2g

Iron powder, Salt, Activated Carbon, Water, Sodium Polyacrylate, Wood powder, Vermiculite

Relieving dysmenorrhea pain,abdominal discomfort, being ideal for ovary maintenance and postabortion care. Offers up to 10hours of pain relife at an average temperature of 45C to 50C

1. Apply the patch under the "qihai acupuncture point" (2-4cm underneath navel). For the waist pain, the sticker can have the same position at the back.
2. Use the Patch for about 8-9 hours a day, for 2-3days, ahead of each menstruation.
3.For big menstrual pain and first menstruations, use 3-4 treatments. It takes 15-30days treatment for ovary maintenance and 20-30days for various pains.
4. Only stick on the Underwear when use.

1. Not Recommended for use overnight, avoid low-temperature burn. Add insulation for over-heating.
2. Stop immediately if skin develops abnormal conditions.
3. Only use alter full recovery from all kinds of surgeries.
4. Strickly forbidden for pregnant women.