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The most important point of customizing and purchasing steam heated eye masks


Customized steam heated eye mask, it is particularly important to choose a good factory


Steam heated warming eye mask continue to grow at a rapid rate. Will reach a big market size around the world.

Relax easy with steam eye mask when travel on motor train

The market positioning of Steam eye mask OEM customized

For OEM manufacturers who focus on steam hot eye masks, "product development" has always been the top priority in the development of steam hot eye mask processing and OEM. The development of steam hot eye mask processing products is the most important factor in determining the quality and positioning of cosmetics. So, what factors need to be taken into account for the positioning of steam hot eye mask processing product development?

Market demand and development prospects of steam eye mask

Market demand and development prospects of steam eye mask. More custom brands abroad, such as Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask, CALA, FreshMe, Janet Sartin Self Warming Eye Mask, Daiwa Felicity Steam Eye Mask Essencell, BestFire, A'pieu Malaysia, HB Beauty Bar, Optrex, IVY Steam, Spacemasks, Hot Eyes Steam
The principle of pupil fever technology of steam eye mask

Steam eye mask technology and principle source

The reaction inside the steam eye mask is to use the galvanic cell reaction to accelerate the oxidation reaction rate, convert the chemical energy into heat energy, and then use the heat generated to stably evaporate the water in the internal material. So as to achieve the use of steam heat and humidity to achieve eye fatigue. Promote blood circulation in the eye, and wake up tomorrow.
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How often do you use a steamed eye mask? How to use Steam Eye Mask?

How often do you use a steamed eye mask? how to use? Use contraindications and 7 precautions Is the steam eye mask useful? How should I use a steam eye mask? In general, the temperature of the steam eye mask can reach 40 degrees, maintaining 8-10 minutes can accelerate eye blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue.

Know More About Steam Eye Mask

Know More About Steam Eye Mask Steam eye mask is a natural eye protection eye mask that uses medical grade non-woven cotton for safe, sanitary and disposable use. More convenient and faster than traditional eye masks
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What is a steam eye mask?

The steam eye mask adopts advanced self-heating temperature control technology to make the water in the air react with the iron powder in the inside of the eye mask to form a heating element, and generate fine and moist water vapor which cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a generic name developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named for its spontaneous formation of heat and steam generation.

The most convenient way to avoid or Relieve Eye fatigue

The most convenient way to protect your eyes to use the Steam warming eye mask, take 15 minutes to relaxing to your eyes to 9 Clouds.