Market demand and development prospects of steam eye mask
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Market demand and development prospects of steam eye mask

The Japanese stream has blown into China and has brought a lot of fresh products to the Chinese market. Steam eye mask is one of them. Moreover, it attracts a large number of consumers in the microblog promotion of famous people such as Han Han, He Wei and Liu Tao. As a result, many Chinese manufacturers have sniffed the opportunity to seize the steam eye mask market. So what is the prospect of steam eye masks in China?

First of all, to understand the market demand and development prospects of steam eye masks, it is necessary to understand what a steam eye mask is and how it works.

Steam eye mask, also known as steam hot eye mask, hot eye mask. Using advanced self-heating temperature control technology, the moisture and metal powder in the air reach the heating element inside the eye mask, creating a fine and moist water vapor that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a generic name developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named for its spontaneous formation of heat and steam generation. The principle is: let the patch release the vapor slowly, and use the warmth of the steam to dissolve the discomfort of the attached part. A comfortable temperature of about 40 ° C for 10-30 minutes. This type of product is a one-time use, which is characterized by convenient and hygienic, easy to carry, and can be used anytime, anywhere.

What is the development prospect and market demand for steam eye masks?

The market space and development prospects are known to come from the needs of consumers. For example, a Chinese netizen has to press the mobile phone every 6 seconds on average. It is conceivable how much people rely on electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. For a large number of people who face the electronic screen for a long time and the eyes are prone to fatigue, the steam eye mask that can relieve eye fatigue just meets the needs. With the increase of work and life pressure, overtime work staring at the computer screen for a long time, or bad habits, overnight, etc., can easily cause eye fatigue, and the steam eye mask can alleviate eye fatigue and improve sleep quality. Huge market prospects.

It can be seen from the early development of the mask market that a market with huge market space and low production thresholds, and emerging industries with inadequate supervision, are likely to cause bad money to drive out good money, and ultimately damage the reputation and image of the entire industry. Is the emerging steam eye mask going back to the old road of the mask market? This requires the strong supervision of the relevant units to ensure the stability of the eye mask market.

It is recommended that you do not want to be cheap when purchasing, and purchase steam eye masks that are produced by regular manufacturers with relevant production qualifications. At present, there are many products including Zhenming, Shining, Jiangzhong and Yunnan Baiyao on the market.

More custom brands abroad, such as Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask, CALA, FreshMe, Janet Sartin Self Warming Eye Mask, Daiwa Felicity Steam Eye Mask Essencell, BestFire, A'pieu Malaysia, HB Beauty Bar, Optrex, IVY Steam, Spacemasks, Hot Eyes Steam, many of which are the latest steam eye masks developed by DreamsTrip Science & Technology Co., Ltd., with advanced product development , production, processing and manufacturing systems, through SGSISO13485 certification, obtained FDA, CE certificate.

The steam eye mask produced by DreamsTrip can effectively relieve eye fatigue, promote blood circulation around the eyes, soothe the nerves, keep the skin around the eyes moisturized, dilute the crow's feet of the black circle bags, and effectively prevent false myopia. Constant temperature of 40 degrees, warm steam, moisturize both eyes, relieve eye fatigue and prevent eye diseases.

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