How often do you use a steamed eye mask? How to use Steam Eye Mask?
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How often do you use a steamed eye mask? How to use? Use contraindications and 7 Precautions
Is the steam eye mask useful? How should I use a steam eye mask?

In general, the temperature of the steam eye mask can reach 40 degrees, maintaining 8-10 minutes can accelerate eye blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue.

The steam eye mask is preferably used 3 to 4 times a week. Occasionally, the use of moist steam heat can dredge the eye capillaries and regulate the physiology of the eye. However, excessive heat is applied, and the eyes are excessively congested, which is not conducive to eye protection.

As for how long the steam goggles are used at one time, the best eye protection recognized by international ophthalmologists is about 20 minutes, and can not exceed 30 minutes. Excessive heating time may cause damage to the eyes.

Therefore, the steam eye mask with constant temperature and heat is the best steam eye mask. At present, the market is mixed and the products are uneven. The steam eye mask produced by our factory strictly controls the heating time, the constant temperature time, the steam amount, and the medical grade non-woven fabric. Eye protection. Custom steam eye masks, choose a good supplier to have a good market.

At present, our OEM brand comes from Europe and the United States. In addition to the regular CE and FDA certifications, our customers have also done heavy metal testing on products, which have reached the cosmetics level. Custom steam eye masks, please look for STEAMEYEMASK.COM.

7 Notes for steam eye masks:
1. Remove makeup before use to avoid pore blockage;
2, do not wear contact lenses to wear steam goggles;
3, use the steam eye mask for 15 minutes before and after, do not use eye drops;
4, do not press the eyes when using;
5. If the steam eye mask is damaged, do not use it;
6, do not heat in the microwave oven, otherwise it may cause a fire;
7. If you notice eczema, rash, or other symptoms in your eyes or eyes, or if you have any abnormal feelings such as redness, itching, etc., stop using it and consult a doctor. If you continue to use it, it may worsen the symptoms.

The external reaction principle of the steam eye mask uniformly releases steam through the advanced medical non-woven fabric, and uses the warmth of the steam to promote the blood microcirculation of the eye, relax the tense eye muscles, and eliminate the fatigue and discomfort of the eyes.

Sleeping in a steam goggles helps to relax the eye area in the first half hour, soothing the muscles around the eyes and helping to fall asleep better. In addition, after the steam eye mask is stopped, it can be used as an ordinary eye mask to help block light and make sleep more stable.
In addition to being able to sleep, the steam eye mask can also be used during the usual lunch breaks, work breaks, etc., to help relieve eye fatigue and help the eyes rest.
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