Steam warming eye mask

Working principle

The reaction principle of the steam eye mask is the reaction principle of rapid oxidation of carbonyl iron powder with oxygen in the air. In order to keep the temperature longer and more constant, the product uses a very sophisticated breathable film.

The external reaction principle of steam eye mask

Through the senior medical nonwovens evenly release the steam, the use of steam to promote blood circulation, relax the eye muscles, eye fatigue and discomfort.

The internal reaction principle of steam eye mask

using the original battery reaction to speed up the oxidation reaction rate, make the chemical energy into heat, and then use the heat generated in the internal material of the water stable evaporation, so as to achieve the use of steam heat and humidity to removeeye fatigue, department of blood circulation, protect eyesight and so on.

Our Patent

Hole heating technology

Using the principle of pupil protection heat technology, make a hole in the middle of the heating body, So the heat from the inside out, and from outside to inside, making the heating more uniform, the eyes will feel more comfortable.

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