Steam warming eye mask

The origin & development

The origin of Steam eye mask

Steam warming eye mask using the advanced self-heating temperature control technology, make the water that in the air with iron powder producing a chemical reaction in the goggles inside, forming a heating body, to produce the fine moist water vapor that the naked eye can not see. It is developed and named by a generic product that demanded by the eye care market.

The development of Steam eye mask

Steam eye mask originated in Japan, and (KAO) first to produce this lightweight, environmentally friendly high-tech eye care products.
From 2012, Chinese companies began to develop their own steam eye mask. And in the same year to obtain a patent, patent number ZL201210081214.7.
In 2013, a Chinese enterprise developed a pupil protection heating technology and through the EU 2011/65 / EU standards, which makes China's steam warming eye mask can be pushed to more markets, and more consumers can enjoy it with a reasonable price in any time.
Eye protection and beautiful eyes products-steam eye mask that using the new generation technology can warm eyes through the hot steam, to fully alleviate eye fatigue, eye care, protect eyesight, help sleep and other effects.
At present, most domestic and foreign brands have recognized the technology, through the Chinese professional factory, customized their own brand of goggles, the market has gradually become hot up.
  • The first time I met this product, it was incredible. The traditional goggles, that is not hygienic, and the effect is not obvious, the emergence of steam warming eye mask, the real meaning can play the role of protecting the eyes, I spent half a year to find ECO, compared to the rest of China's factories, ECO's products, design is very good, with a unique patent, custom our company's products, sales are very good
    Jennifer Lee
  • The traditional goggles market profit has been very low, the steam warming eye mask of the market without professional research, but the first batch of steam warming eye mask shelves, the guests reacted very strongly, have introduced friends, sales speed.
    Brandon Ross
  • Market potential is huge, the key is the quality of ECO is assured that cooperation has been nearly two years, the current orders have been more and more, my dealers are ready to make their own brand, want to customize their own brand.
    Sara Wright